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Try 6 POWERFUL BASIC BIOCASES. Start changing your physical, mental and emotional state every day in a new and effective way.
Biocase «Vertical» — top buyers' choice

— Ttransmits commands directly to the subconscious mind
— Removes the stuck memories and psychotraumas
— Aligns the physical body and balances the nervous system
ABS up & down
Biocase «ABS up & down» — virtual osteopath at home

— Tightens and refines the abdominal area
— Eliminates stomach heaviness after overeating
— Improves the body shape due to the tissues regeneration
Biocase «Midpoint» is a must-have for people with a sedentary job

— Improves sexual energy
— Extremely pleasant and exciting sensations in the pelvic area
— Prevents body stagnations caused by a sedentary lifestyle
— For athletes: reduces excessive overstrain in the pelvic area
Biocase «Unity» — a deep connection to your true self

— Experience a "zero-gravity" feeling
— Go outside your body limits
— Find your real self
— Return to your "zero-state"
— Feel the "Unity" with the whole world
Biocase "Serenity" — it's incredible!

— Gives the feeling of flight, carousel, roller coaster
— Removes your fears
— Helps you to be open and trust the world
— As a result: you feel a total peace and serenity
How it works
Just think a little... Any sensation or feeling you experience is just a certain set of sensors of your nervous system.

The feelings of something hot, cold, sharp, soft... or tension, relaxation, stress, peace... They are like different light bulbs turned on in a certain way inside you.

Thus, you don't need to touch the snow to experience the "cold" feeling.
It's enough to activate nervous system sensors in a certain way.

This controlled state is a "script". That's what we do in Biocase.pro.
We create certain scripts, helping you to improve your physical, emotional and mental state.

In fact, you get a remote control from your subconscious mind and nervous system!
Why Biocase?
No extra charge
No extra costs
No need to push yourself!
Just play it like a game
The feelings of relaxation and
mind reset in a minute
No expiry date
Cumulative effect
Easy to take away
Easiness in your body
Neural system regenaration
Perfect sleeping
Neuration increase
Biofield adjust
Stable emotional state and balance in your body
Negative states elimination
Pay once.
Get results forever.
How to get a Biocase
Step 1
Check all the information about biocases on our website.
Then contact our support. Use buttons below.
Choose a convenient payment method for you. Then pay a full amount.
Step 2
After the payment, you'll get free access to your personal account on biocase.pro.

Fill in your personal details. This will help us to create your personal biocase. Send your contacts and your address to our support for a delivery.

We have EMS and express delivery. The delivery price depends on your location.

Our support will name the delivery price and give you the track number.
Step 3
Biocase is a personal device designed for the subconscious mind and neural system. Thus, we need some time to prepare a biocase for you. Thank you for understanding.

We strongly recommend you to get a pre-order. This
will help you to receive your personal biocase very fast. We always have many customers in line. Sometimes we have to send biocases next month after the order. But if you order now, you'll get it within a month.

Normally, the whole process takes from 5 to 15 days.
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We have customers all around the world: from Australia to USA, from Europe and Asia, from Latin America and Middle East. Thus, we have different payment methods, convenient for any customer from any country.
Every day we get feedback from hundreds of people all around the world!
Text messages
This is just a small part of all customers' feedback. You can watch more videos in our Telegram group. Find the link below in FAQ.
Honestly, this looks kinda unreal!
Guys, we understand your doubts. The thing you see here really looks fantastic, unreal and ingenious.

But ingenious doesn't mean "difficult".

Ingenious means "simple".

And yeah, watch our customers' feedback. Almost every customer says:
"That looked too unreal…"
"At first, I couldn't believe…"
"That sounded too fantastic…"
Anyway, every feedback ends up with one thing:
"I don't know how it works, but it does!" :)
Can any other person use my biocase?
No, it's all personal.

Every biocase has its personal identification number. It's attached to your personality, subconscious mind, nervous system.

You get the access to your account after the payment. Then you need to fill in an application form: name, last name, date and place of birth, photo etc.

After we get your data we start creating your personal biocase. This product is created specially for you. You cannot change it or return.

There's a risk of getting big problems in case you share your biocases with everyone. It's like giving your toothbrush to everyone or having an unsafe sex all the time.

But the negative impact may have greater consequences here as biocases influence subtile bioenergy.
Do you have any video tutorials?
Sure. Please, contact our support after your advance payment. They will give you a link to all the video content you need.

Every biocase has its own video tutorial. This is convenient. You'll learn:
- how it works
- how it was created
- what functions it has
- how to connect to it
Does biocase have an expiry date?
And that's a great advantage of our product. It does not require any electricity, any extra charges or whatever. You can take your biocase wherever you want: on a business trip, on a vacation, on a journey etc.

There's no expiry date. Pay once, get results forever.
Are there any side-effects?
This is totally impossible.

Can meditation harm your health? What about walking in the fresh air or relaxation? Of course, not.

The same thing goes for our product. Essentially, biocase is a totally helpful thing.
Biocase doesn't change anything in you by force. It just optimizes, harmonizes and adjusts your internal resource.
How often can I use my biocase?
As often as you want. And that's another great advantage of biocase. 

Meditation or any other spiritual and mind practice requires discipline. Instead, biocase is like a game. No need to push yourself. Just play and have fun!

Your experience with biocase is different every time. You are like a passive observer here and someone wise and reliable is leading you by the hand, into the depths of your inner self. 

It's like you put on VR glasses and get into some new unknown world which is very comfortable to be in. At the end of the connection, you feel amazing. You are relaxed, joyful and cheerful. That's what a biocase is. 

Our product returns you in a state of balance. Just like a SPA! That's what our customers say in their reviews all the time. By the way, we recommend you to watch the videos with the customers' feedback on our website or join our Telegram group.

Can anyone use biocase before me?
This is absolutely impossible. 

We put every product in a special case. This is very convenient as it allows you to take your biocase anywhere you want.

Then we put your biocase in a wax-sealed envelope. And this guarantees you that you will be the first person to open it and enjoy our fantastic technology!
Can I talk to your customers about biocase? 
Sure. We repost all the reviews in our Telegram group. You can see the contacts of each person. Feel free to text them and ask anything you want to know about our product. 

By the way, after purchasing biocase and giving your feedback, you become a full-fledged member of our community. We will invite you to a private group where people discuss more advanced methods of using biocases. Moreover, you can get upgrades and learn about latest technologies. Just stay tuned!

Where can I find any extra information on Biocase?
Telegram channel
We regularly publish updates and articles on Biocases there.

Hundreds of reviews from customers around the world 
You'll see that you're not the only one amazed to know such a fantastic thing really exists in our world!

Check our photos and posts on Biocase.

Alexander Rosiiskii, founder

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We accept payments from different countries of the world. Please feel free to contact our support in case you have any questions. We will find the best option for you.

After the payment, we'll send you an email with the instructions on how to get access to your account on www.biocase.pro. There you will find the video tutorials on every biocase.

For any extra information, . We will accompany you all the time on your journey with Biocases!
Personal biocases
Please contact our support to order your personal biocases. Choose one of the buttons below.
Please bear in mind that our product is unique and individual. This is not a mass-market unit. Thus, we have the right to refuse a customer in creating a personal biocase without any explanations. We appreciate the customers who truly understand the value of our magical product.

Nevertheless, we respect everyone. Thus, we try to consider any situation and choose the most convenient payment method for you.
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The price is valid for May 2022.
In June 2022, the price will rise to 250€.
Please check the price with our support.
6 biocases per 220€
Change your life
Touch the future
Our customers always say that biocase is a truly new experience! This changes you. This becomes a new you. This brings your life to a new level of feelings and experience.